Charging into the data lake without expertise can land you in the middle of a data swamp.  Rely upon Ceregenics’ agile best practices plus our command of the latest big data technologies to keep your big data project moving forward quickly toward success.



Four questions undermine most company’s forays into big data:

  • Where will we find the data scientists we need?
  • What tools should we have them use?
  • How do we economically assemble the platform those tools require?
  • How much pre-project planning and data governance are required to achieve valuable and lasting results?


At Ceregenics, we have updated our agile best practices for enterprise data warehousing to encompass advanced analytics and big data technologies.  We have identify tool chains that will let you establish a low-risk, big data platform quickly and inexpensively.  We can provide whatever cohorts of data scientist and data management experts you need to translate your requirements into working applications via a few, short iterations.  The resulting system will not only solve a valuable business challenge, but also serve as a successful template for your next several advance analytics projects.

Ceregenics provides both the platform and the end-user analytics for turning voluminous and unstructured data into competitive advantage.  Our approach revolves around:

  • Using primarily power-user analysts rather than teams of data scientists
  • Fluidly scaling big data platforms up and down as project requirements change
  • Integrating information between big and little data sources with minimal ETL programming.


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ADW Set - front covers 150 pxh transCeregenics wrote the book on agile business intelligence techniques–in fact all three of them.  No other consulting company can offer you the breadth and depth of the solutions for EDW and big data development challenges. Use the “Contact Us” option above to request a conversation with one of our solution architects.