If your developers are still programming your EDW data transforms by hand, they are wasting 90 percent of their time and your money. Ceregenics leverages the new and highly productive hyper-modeled design techniques to eliminate the bulk of the manual programming that traditional methods require.

When we use the hyper normalized data models, the bulk of an EDW integration layer can be populated by using only six reusable data transform widgets.

Even better, when we employ the hyper generalized data models, we can store the non-event data of the entire EDW in just a half-dozen logical tables.

Either approach eliminates most of the custom programming work that a team must complete in order to create the basic data flows within an analytic system.

Ceregenics has invested heavily in perfecting the techniques of computers programming computers in order to shrink the time needed to create and revise new data analytic system.  With the basic programming automated, your developers can develop the bulk of their time coding the value-added data transforms that generate new business insights and competitive power from your existing operations data.

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ADW Set - front covers 150 pxh transCeregenics wrote the book on agile business intelligence techniques–in fact all three of them.  No other consulting company can offer you the breadth and depth of the solutions for EDW and big data development challenges. Use the “Contact Us” option above to request a conversation with one of our solution architects.