Whenever Ceregenics has been able to bench mark our agile techniques against the traditional approaches most large companies follow, our method accelerates the delivery data-analytic systems ten-fold.  Improvements such as streamlined requirements management and automated system testing bring about the first tripling of delivery speeds. Adaptive data modeling and computer-managed data transforms then accelerate the process by another factor of three or more.

Employing a “paired-programming” approach, our team leaders will transfer these innovative techniques as appropriate to your key personnel by working alongside them for a few iterations.  We utilize far more than the plain-vanilla methods one can find in a Scrum or Kanban textbooks.  Instead, we derived our approach by combining several agile and lean software development approaches with productivity tools, and then perfected the resulting mix during fifteen years of challenging development work.

Here are some of the new process elements you will see within Ceregenics’ unique development approach for data warehousing, business intelligence, and big data analytics:

Getting projects started quickly

  • Iteration -1 focuses upon completing four, streamlined requirements artifacts that make projects understandable and predictable
  • Actionable requirement trees where epics, themes, and user stories all link to the concerns of a different management level within the company
  • Regular current estimates of remaining level-of-effort keeps you up-to-date on probable project cost and duration


Rescuing slow and late projects

  • Steamlined process mapping identifies process flaws in a short time, allowing leaders to eliminate large areas of wasted effort
  • Back filling requirements identifies missing and misunderstood customer requests that typically underlie the slow or faulty deliveries from traditional teams
  • Multi-pronged remediation simultaneously introduces agile best practices for data modeling, programming, and quality assurance


Scaling beyond the single project

  • On-the-job training for your project leaders transitions them to fast, agile delivery practices in a few, short months
  • Ceregenics’ staff augmentation provides additional resources for projects that lack the necessary numbers of designers, programmers, and testers
  • Multi-project techniques borrowed from Kanban and RUP allow your management team to visualize, understand, and influence the work occurring across one or more development programs at once

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ADW Set - front covers 150 pxh transCeregenics wrote the book on agile business intelligence techniques–in fact all three of them.  No other consulting company can offer you the breadth and depth of the solutions for EDW and big data development challenges. Use the “Contact Us” option above to request a conversation with one of our solution architects.