Ceregenics offers off-site and on-site mentoring for organizations that want to fast business intelligence and big data solutions.  These classes address the full spectrum of skills needed by all the roles in your team.

The list below presents the full range of classes offered.  Call outs below  indicate those offerings with upcoming off-site dates.  Click on any class for a fuller description of the material covered.

All classes cover the full range of data-driven analytic applications: business intelligence (front end), data warehousing (back end), and big data applications. The blend of these three topics is adjusted to match the needs of each group of students.

Next class: Team Productivity Bootcamp, Week of 15-May-2017, west Denver, Colorado.  Take a struggling team and imbue them with world class practices and speed, all in one week. (Info & register here)


Agile 101 for Teams

A two-day introduction for business analysts and data-application developers to oriented them to the philosophies and techniques of iterative and incremental development for data-driven applications

Agile Requirements Management

It’s amazing how many teams repeatedly fail to design appropriate systems or satisfy customers because they don’t fully understand the system’s requirements before they start construciton. Ceregenics’ training on adapted approach to agile requirements management makes such blunders a thing of the past. We craft requirements in a way that improves accuracy, facilitates estimation, speeds benefits realization, and paves the way for automated system testing.

Agile Quality Assurance

It’s dangerous to accelerate teams without thoroughly validating their work.  Ceregenics’ training on adapted agile quality assurance provides quality assurance and execution across six dimensions. We enable your team to be selectively thorough, in a way that drives the number of defects in a system to zero.  Our approach incorporates quality in the development process itself, and thus eliminates much of the labor required to demonstrate fit-for-purpose and to trace validations back to requirements.

Automated Requirements and Testing

Ceregenics’ approach to requirements and testing relies upon a repeatable process involving the disciplined decomposition of business needs, technical constraints, and work validation.  The disciplined approach makes automation of requirements tracking and system testing a straightforward process, and in this class we allow students to learn and practice requirements and quality automation using an automation engine specifically designed for data-driven applications.

Data Modeling & Information Modeling*

The optimal data model approach depends on an application’s purpose and requirements. Standard normal forms, dimensional models, and hyper-normalized approaches have varying strengths but cannot solve all data management challenges.  This seminar orients students to the advantages and constraints of all three data modeling paradigms, and sharpens the skills needed to author in information models, reference models & taxonomies in all three formats.

Data Vault Certification*

Genesee Academy is the certifying entity for the Data Vault modeling approach. With over 1000 Data Vault certifications issued to date including the Certified Data Vault Data Modeler (CDVDM) and the Certified Data Vault Model.

Team Productivity Bootcamp*

An intensive seminar for any team that has not reached at least 5X the delivery speed of a waterfall team, this training provides theory and hands-on experience with the tools and techniques that make incremental data warehousing a fast and repeatable process. When your data warehousing professionals return from this seminar, they will not only be self-organizing to eliminate wasted effort, they will also be analyzing requirements and modeling data in new ways, and using the latest in script-driven data transforms.  (Details here) (Info & Registration here)

Project Start-Up Workshop

There are more decisions to make at the start of an effort than at any other time in a project.  This seminar gives team members the opportunity to interact with a world leader in BI/DW while conceptualizing their entire project from requirements and platform, to coding patterns, quality assurance, and implementation.  Your team will leave this training with a detailed, repeatable process for building your company’s next data-driven application, and the one after that, and the one after that….

* Offered in collaboration with our partners at Gennesse Academy.