Process Overview                                                              

Agile data warehousing certification requires passing one exam for each level of certification.

The three exams must be successfully taken in the following order, and passing each will earn the individual the certification listed in parentheses:

  • Level 1: Certified ADW Resource (CADWR)
  • Level 2: Certified ADW Practitioner (CADWP)
  • Level 3: Certified ADW Leader (CADWL)


Level 1 & 2 Exams                                                             

The examinations for Level 1 and 2 are both two-hour, multiple-choice tests of the applicant’s knowledge of agile data warehousing philosophies, concepts, and techniques.  Passing each requires successfully answering 70 percent of the approximately 100 questions that will be asked.

The questions for the CADWR exam are derived from the Ceregenics’ book Agile Data Warehousing Project Management (ISBN-13: 978-0123964632).  The questions for the CADWP exam are taken from the Ceregenics’ book Agile Data Warehousing for the Enterprise (ISBN-13: 978-0123964649).  (To order books, see links below.)

To take either of these exams, the applicant must register with Ceregenics (contact information below) and set a date and time for the exam.  At that time, the applicant will be able to connect with the testing software and answer the exam questions.  Results will be mailed to the applicant within a week of testing.

Level 3 Exams                                                             

The examination for Level 3 is a structured interview during which the applicant will review with a Ceregenics Solution Architect one or more agile data warehousing projects that s/he has recently completed. During this interview, applicants will reference project artifacts to demonstrate how they achieved agility in key practice areas such as requirements management, adaptable designs, iterative development, and test-led quality assurance.  Passing this exam requires successfully describing substantive, hands-on experience with at least 70 percent of the practice areas described in Ceregenics’ ADW books and demonstrating a significantly improved delivery speed, quality, and value over a comparable, traditionally managed project.  Applicants who are Level 2 certified can obtain a written guide for preparing for the Level 3 exam by contacting Ceregenics.

Examination Costs                                                      

Examinations fees are $395 for the first attempt and $295 for each attempt after that.  Applicants not passing their first exam must wait 30 days before attempting to pass an exam again.  Applicants not passing a Level 1 or 2 exam can arrange for a $95 review of their examination results.

Preparing & Registering for the Exam                       

Applicants can prep for the exam by becoming thoroughly familiar with the material in the ADW books. Ceregenics’ ADW Comprehensive training class will also prepare an applicant for the questions found on the exam.  (See page on ADW Training.)

To register for the exam, contact Ceregenics at (303) 274-9101 or begin the process by sending email to

Ceregenics’ ADW books can be obtained via by following these links:

ADW Set - front covers 150 pxh transCeregenics wrote the book on agile business intelligence techniques–in fact all three of them.  No other consulting company can offer you the breadth and depth of the solutions for EDW and big data development challenges. Use the “Contact Us” option above to request a conversation with one of our solution architects.