2 ADW coversCeregenics provides two “how-to” guides for agile data warehousing practitioners that will quickly familiarize you with the concepts and techniques of iterative and incremental delivery of dpartmental and enterprise business intelligence systems.

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Agile Data Warehousing for the Enterprise:

A Guide for Solution Architects and Project Leaders

ADW Vol 2 front cover 150pxA practical guide to defining, designing, and validating large data-analytic systems using agile
concepts and many innovative data warehousing techniques that will dramatically increase delivery speeds, lower project cost, and improve application quality.  If you don’t see remarkable improvements within three iterations, contact the author for a complementary phone assessment of your implementation, and together we will uncover the best practices your team has overlooked.

Building upon his earlier book that detailed agile data warehousing programming techniques for the Scrum master, Ralph’s latest work illustrates for technical team leaders the agile interpretations of three other crucial software engineering disciplines:

  • Requirements managements benefits from streamlined templates that not only define projects quickly, but also ensure that nothing essential is overlooked
  • Data engineering receives two new “hyper modeling” techniques, yielding data warehouses that can be easily adapted when requirements change without having to invest in ruinously expensive data-conversion programs
  • Quality assurance advances with not only stereoscopic top-down and bottom-up planning methods, but also with the incorporation of the latest in automated test engines


Use this step-by-step guide to deepen your own application development skills through self-study, to show your teammates the world’s fastest and most reliable techniques for creating business intelligence systems, or to ensure that the IT department working for you is building your next decision support system the right way.

“Agile Data Warehousing, as outlined in Ralph’s multiple books, has transformed the way our BI team manages projects. In just two years, we are delivering releases in iterations three times more frequently on five times the number of concurrent projects, while improving application quality and the enterprise nature of our solutions”

– Mark Giesbrecht, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence,
CN (Canadian National Railway Company)

“One of TDWI’s most popular faculty members, Ralph packs this book with detailed direction and experience-driven insights about how to overcome the most challenging aspects of agility for business intelligence and data warehousing applications. He has become an important thought leader for organizations seeking to increase the agility, quality, and ROI of their BI/DW programs.”

– David Stodder, Director of Research for Business Intelligence,
The Data Warehousing Institute

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Agile Data Warehousing Project Management:

Business Intelligence Systems Using Scrum

ADW Vol 1 2ed front cover 150pxThe only step-by-step guide on the market for visualizing, building, and validating an agile enterprise data warehouse, this book provides a thorough introduction to the method as you would practice it in the project room to build a robust data mart or data warehouse subject area. Regardless of where you are today, this implementation guide will prepare you to join or even lead a team in visualizing, building, and validating a particular subject area within an enterprise data warehouse.

  • Provides a thorough grounding on the mechanics of Scrum as well as practical advice on keeping your team on track
  • Offers a step-by-step introduction to defi ning, planning, and delivering an agile data warehouse
  • Enables you and your team to start simple and progress steadily to world-class performance levels

“Ralph Hughes has finally brought a pragmatic approach to an often abused term with this book on agile data warehousing. From requirements to BI delivery, Ralph has clearly articulated the complete lifecycle and shows data management teams how to move from the “big bang” approach to a regular series of small explosions- explosions of business value.”

– Bill Hewitt, President & CEO of Kalido

“The difference between Agile Data Warehousing Project Management and other books on Agile Project Management is that it recognizes that there are inherent differences between data warehousing and software development projects. Ralph focuses on adapting Agile principles and practices to data warehousing, based on his years of hands-on experience implementing complex data warehouse projects using the Agile methodology. I highly recommend this book to any data warehousing professional interested incorporating Agile into their data warehouse and BI projects.”

– Steve Dine, Datasource Consulting, LLC

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Purchase from Morgan Kaufmann Publisher (use discount code: COMP315)

About the Author:IMG_0317

Ralph Hughes (MA, PMP, CSM) serves as Chief Systems Architect for Ceregenics, a Denver-based data analytics consulting firm.  He began building data warehouses in the mid-1980s, starting with mainframe computers, and over the last 30 years has led numerous BI programs and projects for Fortune 500 companies in aerospace, telecom, government, and life sciences.  A faculty member at The Data Warehousing Institute, Ralph is a certified Scrum Master and PMI Project Management Professional who has trained or coached over 1,500 BI professionals worldwide in the discipline of incremental and iterative delivery of large data management systems. He holds BA and MA degrees in computer modeling and econometric forecasting from Stanford University.  He can be contacted at ralph.hughes@ceregenics.com or 303.274.9101.