About Ceregenics

In business since 1988, Ceregenics specializes in the agile delivery of large, data-driven solutions including:

•  data warehousing                    •  business intelligence
•  data analytics                          •  decision support
•  data integration                       •  data management
•  big data systems                     •  advanced analytics

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the old-school software engineering disciplines created yesterday, today’s iterative delivery techniques, and tomorrow’s technology.

We provide the consultants and tools to reduce your project delivery times by 40 to 90 percent, depending upon on the level of development automation you choose.   With Ceregenics, your enterprise data warehousing and big data projects receive a clear business plan quickly, start delivering value in a matter of weeks, and stay tightly focused on clearly defined goals for duration of the effort.

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Corporate Headquarters

999 18th Street, Suite 3000  ♦  Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 274-9101  ♦  Fax (855) 237-3436  (855 CEREGENics)

General Manager: Carole Twohey