Welcome to Ceregenics.  We help companies become rapidly more competitive through fast-delivery of business intelligence/data analytics (BI/DA) systems.

Our skills and services make all the difference for companies who want to profit from new data sources and business insights to quickly design novel products, improve customer outcomes, and eliminate needless operating expenses.

Customers working with Ceregenics see their capabilities grow from 3 to 10 times faster than possible with traditional systems integrators because we measure our success by how fast we put new capabilities in place.  Following the exact mix that your company requires, we provide:
a) the latest technologies for business intelligence and data analytics,
b) the world’s leading agile development disciplines (many of which we pioneered), and
c) the consulting resources needed to implement such innovations in the span of a  few short months.

Working with Ceregenics generates lasting value because we utilize a “paired programming” project-implementation style.  We build your next BI/DA application while simultaneously training and coaching your staff members, so that on the next project they can successfully utilize our world-class, fast-delivery techniques on their own.

Some say we invented the concept of agile data warehousing. We simply claim to be its preeminent  practitioners and advocates.  Since 1998 we have been thought leaders in the definition and practice of agile enterprise data warehousing (EDW), so that today you can have:
•  fast starts on big projects — development begins solving business problems within weeks
•  frequent deliveries of expanding capabilities — project risk stays remarkably low
•  continuous quality assurance — the resulting data sets and business insights are trustworthy

Compared to generic agile services firms, we understand incremental data warehousing far better, so projects don’t get overwhelmed with the intricacies of data integration.  Compared to large systems integrators, we understand fast delivery of usable features, rather than binders of lifeless specifications.  All told, Ceregenics represents your shortest path to new information-based competitive capabilities and lasting improvement in DW/BI program performance.    Contact us to discuss your next project with one of our solution architects today.

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